About Us


Founded in April 2016, Shenzhen Ustellar Technology Ltd. is built by a group of passionate, serious-minded young engineers from Shenzhen, China’s leading innovation hub. Driven by a commitment of bringing stellar smart LED lighting and electronic products to global customers, we have been working hard on identifying customer demands, integrating technology with home arts during product development, sweating every product detail with persistent innovation and devoted craftsmanship.


Make smart lighting technology enjoyable to every family.


Built to last as a respectable technology company in the fields of smart lighting and consumer electronics.

Helping our clients grow with smart 

lighting technology is what defines 

success for the team at Ustellar.


The culture at Ustellar focuses on acting as one to make business success happen. Each Ustellar teammate takes decisive action and works with open communication, trust and mutual respect. We’re driven to help customers, partners, and each other, knowing that “together, we’re all more successful”.  

1. Customer Focus

- Build a reliable and long-lasting friendship with our customers through constant interactions and sincere communication.

- Understand and meet customer demands by developing high quality, competitive products and creating the best user experience. 

2. Prompt Response

- Listen, care and act promptly to customer requirements and feedback throughout each purchase. 

- Take initiatives to solve problems and conquer challenges in everyday work to move forward and achieve excellence.

3. Innovation Obsession

- Stay curious and get prepared for what will happen to become the next trend-setter of our field.

- Think outside of the box to turn ideas into solutions that not only address customer needs, but also go beyond their expectations. 

4. Effective Teamwork

- Nurture a culture open to difference and diversity, willing to share and support. 

- No one works alone. Embrace collaboration, synergy and head for common goals to maximize productivity.

5. Unbreakable Integrity

- Do the right things. Demonstrate moral rectitude and absolute honesty in all our business endeavors. 

- Assure compliance with laws, rules and regulations of the countries and platforms where we run our business.